June 5, 2012

This Must be the Place

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This Must be the Place (2011). Strangest Holocaust film ever, if it can be categorized as such (I think it qualifies). First 1/2 hour is downright bizarre. Then film becomes quite compelling, at moments beautiful, even profound. Has got its upsetting scenes for sure. Need to take in this film with an open mind. Worth it, IMO. Great to see and hear David Byrne staying creative making music after all these years. A tip of the hat to Sean Penn on this one. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1440345/

April 3, 2008

Just finished watching The Counterfeiter (Die Fälscher)

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This film, The Counterfeiters really brings up a lot of stuff. Holocaust, individual survival versus the collective good, loyalty to friends in times of extreme stress, etc.

[For historical context, see Operation Bernhard, a plan by Nazi Germany during WWII to destroy the British economy by flooding it with massive amounts of counterfeit pounds.]

Do most of us really have ethics in the truest sense of the word? That is, we pray that our principles won’t be put to the test in they way depicted in the film. Though the question relates to whether there are really things we’ll stand up for no matter what, or if all (most) of us could ultimately be bought. How far does one go in cooperating with scoundrels when doing so means possibly saving his own neck? At what point does doing so become impossible? Lots of questions.

About the film itself. Quality film. Rough stuff, most of it takes place in Sachsenhausen, lot’s of concentration camp scenes with inmate abuse, the works. A very interesting story with lots of well played drama. The language is German. Pretty good subtitles are available.

I’d hesitate to say “enjoy the film,” though if you decide to watch it and are moved by it in any way worth sharing … please do.