July 3, 2011

Solving Lenovo X200 Black Screen Problem

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I was recently looking around the Internet for a solution to the Lenovo X200 standby /  resume (hibernate / wake-up) issue, which has gotten really annoying lately. Basically, the problem is that in about 15%-20% of cases, when placing the machine in standby or when trying to wake it up standby mode, it black screens.

I came across a bulletin board that recommended disabling the fingerprint scanner via the LT’s BIOS, although no instructions were provided on the site (and thus, no link).

You can disable the fingerprint scanner without going directly into the BIOS, as follows:

  1. In Windows (I’m working in WinXP), select the My Computer icon.
  2. Click the right-mouse button.
  3. In the pop-up menu, choose Properties.
  4. In the System Properties dialog, select the Hardware tab.
  5. Click the Device Manager button.
  6. In the main tree, open the Biometric branch.
  7. Once you’ve opened the branch, you should see an item marked AuthenTec Inc.; select it.
  8. Click the right-mouse button.
  9. In the pop-up menu, choose Disable.

Note that there might be a more recently released driver that solves the black-screen problem. In that case, instead of disabling it, perhaps updating to the newer driver would solve the black-screen problem without requiring a disable.